YouTube Custom Comments - [0-3 Hours Start] [10,000-20,000 /day]

Start Time: 0-3 hours startSpeed: 10.000 - 20,000 comments per day - Once the order starts the comments will be delivered all at once  Refill: 30 DaysGEO: India **Comments should be added 1 comment per line, no spaces or extra lines between comments. The max amount of characters per line is 25, if your comment does not fit on 1 line it will be added as 2 comments.**Comments can be added in any language. The comments will be added exactly as you have typed them.**Comments should be text only. No emojis or links. Do not number the comments. No offensive language or words will be accepted. **Make sure you have ALLOW ALL in your Comment Settings. Videos with manual approval will have the order canceled. *IMPORTANT: Any time you order Custom Comments it is always possible that all Comments will not be added to the video. YouTube controls which Comments are added. Any Comments that are not added will be refilled or refunded.

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